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Element Bingo

A simple set of bingo cards for the first 20 elements, plus 11 others that we often use (like copper, silver, and iron). Contains 200 bingo cards, element chits to draw from a hat, and a caller’s card to keep track of what you’ve called.

Linked on both the grade 9 and grade 10 chemistry units.

Climate Change Coloring Book

Another project I backed on KickStarter, getting both the book and a PDF version. The idea looked intriguing, and it’s definitely going to be something I use in the classroom.

This book contains guided coloring activities that explore scientific climate data and research. Learn, explore, and reflect on issues related to climate change through act of coloring.

Climate change is one of the most significant issues that uniquely affects everyone around the globe. There currently is a significantly large gap between scientific consensus and public perception of climate change. Since public perception influences government and business policies around environmental issues, it is important to ensure enough unbiased and reliable information about the issues are available to the public.

This book is not political, but a celebration of information, learning, and research.

Why a coloring book?
The act of coloring is slow. A coloring book has a meditative quality. A chart or article about climate change may be good at delivering information quickly. But with a coloring book, there is more time to absorb the information and reflect upon on the underlying issues.

Book details
  • 40 pages with over 20 coloring activities accompanied by written descriptions of the research and sources
  • Coloring activities include the causes and effects of climate change as well as solutions to reduce climate change
  • Printed by a local eco-friendly printing company
  • Heavy, high-quality, 100% recycled paper
  • Vegetable-based, non-toxic ink
  • 8.5 x 11 inches

Linked in the grade 10 climate unit.

Penguin House Activity

In this activity students construct simple devices to stop ice cubes melting when exposed to direct sunlight. To do so they need to apply their knowledge of energy transfer and albedo.

The backstory is simple: rising temperatures mean that in South Africa penguins are overheating when they sit on their eggs, and need to visit the nearby ocean to cool off. While they are gone gulls swoop in and eat eggs and chicks. Park rangers constructed simple ‘huts’ on the beach that provide shelter from the sunlight.

To simulate actual penguins this activity uses penguin-shaped ice cubes. Students must design and construct a small hut to shelter their penguin, provide a drawing explaining how to construct the hut, and explain how their design affects energy transfer (specifically absorption, reflection, radiation, convection, and conduction).

This PDF file contains a 2-page student handout, a 2-page teacher’s guide, and a marking rubric (referencing the Ontario curriculum and achievement levels).

Linked in the grade 10 climate page.

New Grade 10 Chemistry Resource

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New Grade 9 Resource

New Grade 9 Resource

New Grade 10 Chemistry Resource

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Updated Grade 10 Biology Resource

Updated Resources

  • Updated the Organ Matching Game to clarify the rules. Linked in the biology unit.

Updated Grade 10 Resource

Updated Resources

  • Updated the Word Puzzle Booklet to include answers, as well as adding page numbers. Linked on the general science page.
  • Updated the Organ Matching Game to include a rule book. Linked in the biology unit.

New Grade 10 Climate Resource

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  • Added the Eating Carbon: Food Footprint activity package, linked in the climate unit.

New Grade 10 Biology Resource

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  • Added cards for the Organ Systems Matching Game, linked in the biology unit.

New Grade 9 General Science Resource

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New Grade 10 Climate Resources

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  • Added link to the book Climate Change, Children and Youth, linked in the climate unit.
  • Added the card game Forest Fables, from the above resource, link in the climate unit.

Updated Grade 10 Resource

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  • Minor changes to the Red Cabbage Experiment file. Linked in the chemistry unit.

New Grade 10 Resource

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